Researchers find a natural remedy for hair loss – and you’ll never guess what it is

Looking for an herbal remedy for hair loss? Try the herb called Siberian geranium, scientifically known as Geranium sibiricum. A study published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine confirmed the hair growth-promoting effect of the extract of Siberian geranium.

For the study, researchers at Chung-Ang University in Korea and the University of Hawaii in the U.S. looked at the effects of the Siberian geranium extract on hair growth. Based on their findings, they found that corilagin and gallic acid are the most active compounds in the Siberian geranium extract. These two compounds were found to contribute to the promotion of hair growth by reducing inflammation. The researchers also found that the Siberian geranium extract demonstrated high antioxidant activity, which may also prevent hair loss. Through this, hair follicle cell can be protected from hydroperoxides that cause hair loss.

When the researchers compared the effects of Siberian geranium extract with minoxidil, a drug used to treat hair loss, they observed that Siberian geranium extract caused better proliferation and migration of human dermal papilla cells (hDPCs), which play a role in hair production and hair growth. The Siberian geranium extract also promoted the expression of Ki-67 protein and the mRNA levels of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in hDPCs – all of which support cell growth and cell proliferation.

In mice models, the researchers topically applied either Siberian geranium extract or minoxidil drug on shaved mice for three weeks. Results revealed that the treatment with the Siberian geranium extract caused more significant hair growth than the treatment with minoxidil. In addition, the Siberian geranium extract significantly boosted the hair regeneration process and prevented hair loss of mice.

The findings of the study confirmed that the treatment of Siberian geranium extracts can substantially promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. (Related: Can hair loss be reversed through nutrition or other natural health methods?)

Other natural remedies for hair loss

At first, hair loss was only seen as a sign of aging. However, it has become a problem for all ages, due to medication, hormonal imbalance, diet, and stress, among other causes. The good thing is, there are many natural solutions to hair loss. Here are some home remedies:

  • Onion – Onion juice is one of the most effective and oldest remedies for hair loss. Onion juice helps with hair loss because it contains sulfur that enhances collagen production in the tissues and assists in the regrowth of hair. Just squeeze out onion’s juice, apply it on your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes, and then rinse with a mild shampoo.
  • Coconut milk – Coconut milk is packed with iron, potassium, and essential fats, making it a great hair growth remedy. Get coconut milk from a fresh coconut, add half a squeeze of lemon and four drops of lavender essential oil. Mix thoroughly, then apply to your scalp. After four to five hours, rinse it off.
  • Apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar gently cleanses the scalp, while maintaining the pH balance of the hair, thus accelerating hair growth. Mix 75 milliliters (mL) of the vinegar with one liter (L) of water, and use it as a final rinse after washing your hair.
  • Egg mask – Eggs are rich in protein, which helps in the formation of new hair. Eggs are also rich in sulfur, zinc, iron, selenium, phosphorus, and iodine. To make an egg mask, separate an egg white in a bowl and add a teaspoon of olive oil and honey. Make a paste of it, then apply it to your hair and scalp for around 20 minutes. Rinse it with cool water and shampoo.

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